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Carrying the green plastic BPF baton

08 August 2011

New president of British Plastics Federation (BPF), Philip Watkins (MD of Gabriel-Chemie UK), has grabbed the green plastic baton from former president, Paul Jukes, and is determined to continue and develop the theme of ‘sustainability’ into his two-year tenure.

Whilst focusing on the security of supply of materials and energy to meet industry needs, he wants greater recognition of plastics’ input into UK economic health.

With demand escalating and supplies dwindling, energy will be a deciding factor in the future of the domestic plastics industry. With this in mind, and buoyed by BPF’s Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative and Operation Clean Sweep, Watkins will be deploying ‘Our Sustainable Plastics Industry, a strategic asset in our manufacturing economy’, a theme dedicated to the ‘development of the plastics industry in a sustainable way as an engine for growth and as a key sector in the UK’s manufacturing economy’.

For BPF’s full ‘sustainable goals’ story, read here…

Don’t bin the Waste Review!

25 July 2011

Phase 3 is in the green vanguard of the plastic industry in welcoming the Waste Review, published by Defra in June 2011.

Criticised by the packaging industry in general as lacking ‘courage’, and slammed by Friends of the Earth for its ‘lack of substance’, the Waste Review is part of the Government’s commitment to a ‘zero waste’ economy. All aspects of waste policy and delivery in England have been reviewed, together with a series of actions for the future.

Although reactions have been mixed, Phase 3 and the plastic industry in general remain positive, with BPF director general and member of the Plastics 2020 challenge, Peter Davies, welcoming the Government’s pledge to continue to develop and provide loans to fund sorting and reprocessing capacity for non-bottle plastics.

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Following the green plastics path

27 April 2011

Of course, the media would never forsake facts in its quest for a good story…

Which is why the public drubbing of plastics has compelled us to spell out exactly what is going on in our industry and its impact on the future packaging of your products – all positive, by the way!

The truth is: with oil accounting for a mere 4% of the plastics production process, plastics in general do more good than harm:

  • Reducing transport costs: minimum-weight packaging saves 27 million tonnes of oil in the UK per year.
  • Reducing food wastage (from farm to retail): from 50% in undeveloped countries to 3-4% in the developed world.
  • Promoting the growth of recycling: with the industry moving from oil to bio-based alternatives such as:
    • ‘Green polyethylene’: produced from sugar cane ethanol, a renewable source reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Compostable materials: resins for across-the-range applications from carrier bags to food packaging. Degrading by 90% in just 180 days, consumers can simply and safely consign household packaging waste to the compost at the bottom of the garden.

Although in its early days, significant inroads are being made into the production of ethical plastics and Phase 3 Plastics is making sure it is firmly on the green plastics path alongside FMCG giants such as Procter & Gamble.

This positive trend will eventually make eco-friendly plastics more accessible and affordable for all our customers, not to mention safer for the planet.

Oh, and a few more plastic packaging ‘facts for thought’…

£2.7 billion in sales per year.

Jobs for thousands of people.

A 72% annual recycling rate for plastic milk bottles.

A 1% bio-materials share in the total plastics market.

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11,446 miles later…

06 April 2011

There's a new face at Phase 3 Plastics.

New Zealander, Nick Miller, has brought 8 years’ exclusive experience in thermoformed plastic packaging to his new role as Technical Services Manager.

Providing critical expertise in the technical aspects of manufacture – in particular new product design, prototyping and the development of production tooling – Nick is a key player in our 15-strong team dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality thermoformed plastic packaging for a variety of industries.

A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, 28-year-old Nick joined Phase 3 Plastics in March 2011, and is applying his ‘blow-moulding’ (the New Zealand term for thermoforming) skills to the benefit of our many clients:

“New country – new job – and I’m relishing every minute of it. I am delighted to exploit my industry experience for the benefit of the clients of Phase 3 Plastics. The role also offers me the opportunity to diversify and extend my blow-moulding capability. It was a long commute but the challenge is worth it!"

Welcome to Phase 3 Plastics, Nick!

New website – the shape of things to come…

31 March 2011

Continuous investment in new products, processes and people means Phase 3 Plastics is growing – and our new website showcases this.

It reflects the developments in our company and in the thermoformed plastic packaging industry as a whole – and, in particular, how these developments will benefit your business.

Easy to navigate, it guides you through our total in-house packaging capability for a variety of industries, including medical, electronic and handling trays.

If you require further details on any aspect of Phase 3 Plastic’s products and services and how we can help you, please contact us directly – via the phone or email details below, or our dedicated Contact Us page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

For the latest news from Phase 3 Plastics – watch this space…


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